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Xebia Solutions


A data model generator that makes it easy to create/recreate data modules followed by synthetic data generation as per industry-centric domains

The Alphance Experience

Alphance allows the user to create custom modules, alter existing tables and generate the SQL scripts based on alteration. It facilitates the creation of modules, tables, databases, data types, and columns. It also helps to tag the primary key, foreign key, surrogate key, and references with tables and modules, within the same or different modules.

Developed by Xebia using, open-source tools and technology, in-built code, and UI-driven configuration, Alphance requires no manual intervention for generating scripts. In cases of high-volume or transactional tables, it faces no limitation with modules (simplex or complex). It also showcases references and relationships between tables and modules within the same industry domain. With industry-centric suggestive solutions, it will cater to numerous issues and challenges faced in banking and telecommunications sectors. We can also expand Alphance's capabilities to cater to other industries as per the clients' requirement.

Technologies used

Python, Java, Microservices

How is it installed?

Standalone managed services platform


Why Choose Alphance?

  • Create data models comprising up to 70 tables, with only a few clicks.
  • Get system-generated relationship models between various modules and tables.
  • Generate synthetic data for your data model and test cases.
  • Enables alteration of modules (Add, update, delete), which are to be stored in the form of DDL, DML scripts.
  • Create and deploy packages to production within a short time.
  • User-friendly interface that eliminates the need for a separate IT team or a specialized resource to handle it.
  • Reusable SQL scripts
  • Provides prepopulated modules