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Xebia Solutions

Base Cloud Data Platform

A turn-key platform that supports any data application by combining proven, cutting edge cloud-native services with best-of-breed components.

Overcome Data Challenges With Ease

The Cloud Data Platform is a turn-key solution built using proven, cutting-edge components that support any data application, from near real-time dashboarding to complex AI products.

The Cloud Data Platform has been designed and developed based on decades of experience with the implementation of scalable infrastructure for the enterprise. It offers fast implementation and seamless integration, without compromising the ability to overcome any real-world data challenge. 

The Cloud Data Platform is part of Xebia Base, our suite of tailored-to-fit platforms.




Technologies Used

To build the Cloud Data Platform we combine the best cloud-native services with open-source technologies. Our data Engineers carefully select the most suitable tools, creating a stable, user-friendly, and scalable platform. 

Installation Process

The platform is deployed using pre-configured modules based on infrastructure as code, allowing users to run and maintain the platform independently.


The Cloud Data Platform runs natively on:

It also leverages Snowflake and Databricks data clouds. The platform modular design allows us to tailor it to client needs and existing technologies.

Benefits of the Cloud Data Platform

Deliver Value Faster

The Xebia Cloud Data platform delivers value to the business in a short amount of time.

  • Battle-Tested

    The Cloud Data Platform has been built around years of experience in creating value for clients.

  • Short Time to Market

    Instead of building a custom infrastructure, the Cloud Data Platform can be provisioned in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

  • Business Value

    A good foundation for your data solutions brings real benefit to your business. 

  • Low Cost of Ownership
    The Cloud Data Platform is designed for stability and performance, empowering organizations to develop their own unique solutions.

  • Data democratization
    The Platform democratizes data access, fostering data-driven decision-making through a self-service, low-code approach.

  • Governance, accessibility & quality

    The Cloud Data Platform ensures data is accessible, secure and properly organised. Data privacy and governance are guaranteed by design.

The Architecture of a Modern Data Platform

It’s our ambition to implement the best data solutions as efficiently as possible. Based on our years of experience, we have created a platform that can be adapted quickly. The result for our clients is a shorter time-to-market and a greater competitive edge. The solution is cloud-agnostic, mixing the best cloud services with open-source technologies.



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