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Customer Service 360 on Appian

 Deliver best-in-class customer experience with Xebia

The Customer Service 360 Experience

Customer Service 360 on Appian is a versatile framework-based solution that enables businesses to deliver exceptional customer service. It offers a centralized view of customer information, smart prioritization, intelligent entity classification, automatic sentiment analysis, integration with knowledge base, built-in analytics, self-service configurations portal, industry-agnostic capabilities, seamless integration with existing systems, multilingual support, and omnichannel customer service. With Customer Service 360, businesses can enhance their customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and drive customer loyalty.

Key Features and Functionalities

‘Customer-First’ View

A centralized view of customer information, accounts, and contacts to efficiently manage all customer service operations. Our case dashboard is a one-stop shop for managing customer queries. It offers a clear case overview, including previous communications, and lets you reply through any channel.

Smart Prioritization & Auto-Assignment

Identify case sentiment and categorize customer requests and feedback with AI-powered features. Auto-assign cases to expert agents using a powerful rules engine, freeing up time for high-value interactions. Automatically trigger the creation of multiple work orders and recommendations of best-suited field agents based on skills, location, and availability, optimizing workforce utilization and travel costs. Effortlessly integrate with all OpenAI technologies to provide a comprehensive solution.

Intelligent Entity Classification

Utilizes advanced algorithms to automatically extract relevant information from customer problems, such as product details, contact information, account details, and date ranges. This information is then automatically added to the corresponding case, eliminating the need for agents to manually review and input this data for each case. The IDP application uses Appian Document Extraction to transform unstructured data from documents in any format into structured data. It also supports Google Connectors.

Automatic Sentiment Analysis

With AI-enabled features, determine the mood of your customers through automatic sentiment analysis algorithms and automate tailored responses to customers. One can also configure the app to include other custom responses.

Integration to Knowledge Base

Serve majority of cases automatically without any manual intervention through predefined solutions coming straight from the Knowledge Base. Empower agents with relevant information on each recorded case, enabling them to efficiently and effectively address customer inquiries. Curate the content based on usefulness and rating and create new content, all from the same place.

Built-in Analytics

Provide executives and other senior management with actionable information which is critical for any business decisions. Built-in analytics and insights enable one to identify new solutions and smart actions that can be configured based on the most frequent problems reported by customers.

Self Service Configurations Portal

A dedicated self-service configuration portal, granting authorized users the flexibility to configure and set rules for various actions to meet their specific needs. This allows customer service agents to collaborate in a manner that aligns with their unique workstyle and maximizes their productivity.

Configure the system-recommended actions such as reading from any records, updating records, and sending any communication via email, social, SMS, etc.

Industry Agnostic

Enjoy the benefits of a robust customer service solution regardless of your industry. Our solution is designed to be versatile and flexible whereby it can easily be configured for any business vertical involved in customer service.

Seamless Integration

Maximize the value of present technology investments by seamlessly integrating and unifying enterprise applications, existing CRM and legacy systems, to manage entire customer service operations.

Multilingual Support Framework

Our platform features a robust, incorporated multi-lingual support framework, which can be configured to meet the language preferences of any organization. This enables businesses to provide support in different languages, thereby expanding their global reach and improving customer satisfaction for non-native language speakers.

Omnichannel Customer Service

Provide seamless and consistent customer service across multiple channels, including website, phone, email, chat, social media, and other digital platforms, with a unified view of real-time updates on the case dashboard.

Why Choose Customer Service 360?

  • Enhanced Visibility: Agents have 100% visibility into entitlement, SLAs, and customer satisfaction scores.
  • Knowledge Management: Agents can curate and create content based on usage and ratings.
  • Smart Actions: Agents can utilize configurable Smart Actions for high-value interactions.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Agents can monitor customer queries and execute intelligent actions in real-time.
  • Domain Insights: Provides information about the domain where maximum issues arise.
  • Solution Insights: Offers insights on new solutions and Smart Actions based on frequent customer problems.
  • Actionable Analytics: Delivers actionable information through built-in analytics for executives.
  • Vertical Flexibility: Fully configurable for any business vertical involved in customer service.
  • CRM Integration: Fully integrated with existing CRM or legacy systems for centralized customer service management.
  • Case 360 Dashboard: Offers a comprehensive dashboard with powerful information access for faster query resolution.
  • Seamless Communication: Integration with WhatsApp for direct customer communication.
  • Guided Smart Actions: Guides agents with the best actions based on customer problems.
  • Intelligent Entity Classification: Auto-extracts relevant details from customer problems for case management.
  • Multi-lingual Support: Incorporates a framework for configuring the solution in different languages.
  • Appian ICC Integration: Fully integrated with Appian ICC for efficient case intake.
  • Configurable Actions: System-recommended actions can be easily configured.
  • Self-Service Configurations: Authorized users can configure different actions for customized agent workflows.

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