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Xebia Solutions

FinOps for AWS

Facilitates cost-effective and continuous cloud modernization

Cloudhealth and FinOps Foundation Certified

Workload migration from an on-premise IT landscape to the cloud often incurs heavy costs. The key to remaining within budget in a pay-as-you-go model is to efficiently manage and optimize the workload.

Built for AWS, Xebia’s FinOps solution helps organizations control their cloud costs. FinOps is an innovative approach to the cloud that empowers organizations to achieve their cloud aspirations by utilizing cost-effective best practices. Its three-fold approach identifies cloud waste, resolves waste issues, and supports active prevention efforts.

The Xebia FinOps Offerings

Cloud FinOps Framework

Built on the principles of cost management, cost analysis, and cost optimization, the Xebia Cloud FinOps Framework implements cloud cost management within any organization.

Cost Optimization Scans

The continuous scanning of the business environment enables complete utilization of your cloud budget. We share regular scan results and reports with advice on optimizing the environment for future use.

Cloud Procurement Contracting Advisory

We analyze the current cloud spending to formulate the ultimate terms and conditions with your preferred cloud provider to ensure every penny is allocated towards efficient cloud usage for scaling.


FinOps Essentials Training

Our training program empowers your team to responsibly manage cloud costs while maximizing the flexibility of the cloud and maintaining a healthy cloud bill.


To support efforts to reduce your carbon footprint, we offer GreenOps—a cloud operating model that optimizes your environment for costs as well as efficient resource utilization, through necessary actions that visualize and minimize emissions from workloads.

Why Choose Xebia FinOps for AWS?

  • Cloudhealth and FinOps Foundation certified
  • Experienced and dedicated FinOps team
  • Expertise in all market-leading FinOps tools and techniques
  • 100+ cost optimization scans performed to date
  • 24.2% average savings achieved in 2022