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ManufactX on Salesforce

A digital manufacturing solution built on Salesforce

ManufactX - Enabling Smart Manufacturing Processes

ManufactX is a comprehensive solution that supports businesses to integrate and manage manufacturing process, operations, sales, and customer service. Based on the Salesforce platform, our accelerator for the manufacturing industry covers key functions like supply chain, material resource planning, operational visibility, and traceability. It defines a new approach to ERP by automating key processes. The powerful reporting capabilities give real-time insights on each key process. 

A customized cloud-based solution, ManufactX helps you manage customer information, and digitize the customer interaction channels to create personalization. It also results in shorter sales cycles, by transforming the sales process.  

A cloud-based solution built on the Salesforce platform, ManufactX helps you manage your customer information, and improve the customer service process. Digitized customer interaction channels create personalization. It also results in shorter sales cycles, by transforming the sales process.


CRM Features

  • Account management
  • Lead management
  • Order management 
  • Demand planning and forecasting 
  • Profit and net margin calculations 
  • Contracts and agreements 
  • Customer service 

Operations and Processes

  • Manufacturing order life cycle 
  • Products and bills of materials
  • MRP 
  • Production planning 
  • Inventory management 
  • Production and operational efficiency 
  • Workstations and work orders management 
  • Quality check 
  • Smart warehouse management 
  • Visitors management 
  • Barcode for raw materials and finished goods 


  • MRP analytics 
  • Sales forecasting analytics 
  • Inventory analytics 
  • Manufacturing orders analytics and reporting
  • User-specific reports and dashboards 

Why Choose ManufactX?

  • Shorter time-to-market - The low-code approach helps with easy and quick customizations.

  • Improved sales process - With the adoption of ManufactX, customers may create a sales process that supports quick business growth, incorporation of CRM experience and a high customer satisfaction rate.

  • Process automation - ManufactX enables customers to eliminate manual processes, increasing the speed of work and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Error-Free demand forecasting - ManufactX, with its comprehensive reporting capabilities, assists in obtaining reliable information for demand forecasting.

  • Smooth order management system - A simplified procedure helps to quickly generate quotes and work orders with all relevant information.

  • End-to-end inventory management - ManufactX helps you to monitor and maintain product inventory information in the system. It can handle both inbound and outbound logistics.

  • Powerful reporting capabilities - With AI-enabled, adaptable reports and dashboards that are always available, you can gain real-time insights into the processes of your organization and manufacturing plant. 

  • Supplier & distributor portals - Get your suppliers and distributors onboarded on a single platform through communities.

  • Integration capabilities - With ERPs (SAP, NetSuite, M3 Infor) and external systems, it is possible to differentiate your business, and connect with customers and business partners faster. 

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Platform
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Custom Objects, Apex Triggers & Classes
  • Lightning Web Components
  • Lightning Flows
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Salesforce Einstein

Installation Process

Powered by the Salesforce Platform, ManufactX can be installed as a managed package.

See it in Action

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