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Xebia Solutions

Base MLOps Platform

Bring Data Science and AI use cases into production with the lowest possible time to market.

A Tailored-To-Fit Solution to Productize Data and Machine Learning Solutions

The MLOps Platform is a tailored-to-fit solution built using proven, cutting-edge components that make the process of operationalizing data products a breeze.

The MLOps Platform has been designed and developed based on decades of experience with deploying and running of data solutions. The result is a platform that is both easy to maintain and provides jaw-dropping fast time-to-market.

The MLOps Platform is part of Xebia Base, our suite of tailored-to-fit platforms.



Technologies used

To build MLOps Platform we select the best components fitting the needs of our clients, leverage cloud-native services and component them with best-of-breed open-source technologies. At Xebia Base, our MLOps Engineers carefully select the most suitable tools, resulting in a stable, user-friendly, and scalable platform. 

Installation process

The platform is deployed using pre-configured modules based on infrastructure as code, enabling users to independently run and maintain the platform. We provide the infrastructure as code stack to our clients, ensuring they have ownership and are, of course, free to modify it as needed.


The MLOps Platform runs natively and leverages the following clouds:

It also leverages Snowflake and Databricks data clouds. The Platform modular design us to tailor it to client needs and existing technologies.

MLOps Platform

Simplifying the Process of Operationalizing Data Use Cases

Deploying machine learning models from development environments to production systems can be challenging. Scaling models to handle large-scale data, integrating them into existing infrastructure, ensuring real-time performance, and managing dependencies are common hurdles faced by data scientists. The Xebia Base MLOps platform solves these challenges.


Solution’s USPS and Benefits It Delivers to Businesses

The MLOps Platform delivers value to the business in a short amount of time.

Setting the Standard

The Xebia Base MLOps platform includes a collection of cookie-cutter templates that facilitate the seamless deployment of machine learning models into production. These templates guarantee speedy and reliable deployment.

Short Time to Market

Instead of building a custom infrastructure, the MLOps Platform can be provisioned and integrated with existing infrastructure in a matter of days to weeks, not months. After this time the client will have a fully operational production quality platform where machine learning models and data products can be effortlessly deployed.

Business Value

Our primary focus is to deliver business value, as data use cases have the potential to create significant value for the business. While deploying our MLOps platform is an essential step, it is only half the story. Our ultimate goal is to implement the data use cases on top of the platform, thereby generating value for the business.

Easy Integration

Due to its modular design, the MLOps platform can be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure. It has the capability to integrate with current data infrastructure without requiring extensive modifications to the existing stack.

The Architecture of an MLOps Platform



  • Mollie - ML Ops Platform
  • Kramp
  • Gumtree