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Xebia Solutions

Next-Gen, Multi-Channel  & Intelligent Customer Service Application

Revolutionize Your Customer Service with AI-Driven Low-Code Solutions

As customer expectations soar and digital interactions become the norm, traditional customer service solutions fall short of providing the seamless and intelligent experiences that modern customers demand. Pre-configured systems may offer a head start, but they lack the flexibility and innovation needed to stay ahead. Integrating AI and low-code technology is essential for crafting a responsive and future-proof customer service platform. 

Our comprehensive solution suite leverages AWS AI services and Mendix's low-code capabilities, enabling the creation of a scalable, multi-channel customer service application. This approach ensures the efficient handling of customer interactions, proactive service capabilities, and the agility to meet evolving market demands. 

Key Functionalities

Omni-Channel Case Intake

Our solution supports case intake from various channels, including AI chatbots, self-service portals, WhatsApp, email, and call centers. This omni-channel approach ensures seamless customer interactions across all touchpoints, enhancing accessibility and convenience. 

AI-Powered Pre-Processing

Upon case intake, AWS Lex, Lambda, and Titan classify, create, and summarize each case. This intelligent pre-processing phase prioritizes cases effectively, ensuring timely and accurate responses. 

Comprehensive Case Management

The case lifecycle is meticulously tracked in Case 360, providing transparency and visibility into workflow processing. Key features include milestone tracking, auto-assignment of tasks, SLA management, notifications, and collaboration tools, ensuring efficient and organized case handling.

Feedback and Closure Mechanism

Our solution incorporates a robust feedback system powered by AWS services, generating detailed case closure summaries and analyzing customer sentiment and intent. This ensures that customer feedback is thoroughly assessed, and necessary escalations are triggered promptly. 

Configurable and Flexible Platform

A user-friendly configuration panel allows business users to customize key aspects of the application. This includes setting up case workflows, milestones, communication templates, SLA management, and more. The platform’s flexibility ensures it can adapt to various business needs and processes. 

Cross-Vertical Applicability

Our solution is versatile and applicable across multiple industries and domains. It can be deployed in sectors such as banking, insurance, and retail to digitize and streamline processes like customer lifecycle management, lending, payments, claims processing, and more. Additionally, it is ideal for horizontal use cases such as incident management, service requests, and complaint handling. 



Accelerated Go-to-Market

Pre-built components and seamless integration with AWS services allow for rapid deployment, enabling organizations to quickly adapt to market changes and customer demands. 


Foundation for Innovation

The combination of AI and low-code technology provides a solid foundation for developing innovative customer service applications, such as real-time support systems and personalized customer experiences. 


Cost Optimization

By digitizing and automating key customer service processes, our solution helps organizations achieve operational efficiency, reducing costs while maintaining high service standards. 


Expert Insights

Developed by industry experts, our solution leverages deep domain knowledge and best practices, ensuring that your customer service platform is robust, efficient, and future-ready.

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"Next-Generation, Multi-Channel & Intelligent Customer Service Application"

In this session, Aman Jain, Vice President for Low Code Practice at Xebia, showcases a revolutionary customer service application that is powered by the collaborative efforts of Mendix, Gen AI, AWS, and Xebia. This webinar provides insights into the cutting-edge features and functionalities that will shape the future of customer service.

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