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Personal Finance Management (PFM)

Empower consumers with self-driving financial insights using Xebia’s Personal Finance Management solution

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with Xebia's PFM Banking Solution

Xebia’s Personal Finance Management solution helps your consumers to organize their finances by providing a centralized platform to track income, expenses, and financial goals. It offers a comprehensive view of one's financial practices, making it easier to manage money effectively. This also enables financial institutions to know the spending behavior of their customers and make smart business decisions. 

Technologies Used

  • Back end: Java, Spring Boot, and Kafka.
  • Database: Elastic Search, Postgres, and Mongo DB.
  • Mobile SDKs: Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android).

Installation Process

Solution deployable on cloud or on-premise, available as mobile SDK.


PFM is Cloud-agnostic and can run on:
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP

Why Choose Xebia's PFM Solution?

  • Smart Financial Insights - Uses advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques to analyze customers' financial data and provide them with comprehensive insights about their financial health in approximately real-time.

  • Goal-based Planning - Enables customers to set, track, and monitor financial goals while also suggesting strategies to achieve the set targets faster.

  • Smart Budgeting - Helps customers create personalized budgets based on spending habits, income, and financial goals. Offers real-time tracking and alerts, helping to make informed spending decisions.

  • Activity Feed and Nudges - Allows the customer to track all transactions on a real-time basis, monitor any fraudulent/unauthorized transactions, and take necessary action. 

  • Plug & Play - Available as SDK (iOS and Android) that can integrate directly with your apps for quick time-to-market, or via APIs. 

  • Embedded Generative AI - Leverages large language models to optimize the coverage of transaction refinement leading to increased accuracy on spend insights.

Key Numbers



Load Tested for up to 5000 TPS

<1 s API Response Time

15+ Categories & Sub-Categories

Based on MCC, Narration, UPI Handles, Beneficiary, Merchants, and Embeddings

1 Million+ Merchant Master Database

See it in Action

  • Spending Insights - Provides a smart way to track monthly expenditures and optimize any redundant spendings.

Spending insights

  • Financial Goals - Helps to set any goal for a specific time and start saving towards it. Users can re-prioritize the goals anytime.

financial goal settings

  • Activity Feed and Nudges - PFM module displays real-time transaction activity, allowing customers to select and optimize transactions for optimal results.

Activity feed and Nudges-21jul

  • Budgeting - PFM Budgeting module enables customers to plan monthly expenses, set spending limits, and track expenses for better financial control and visibility.


  •  Carbon Footprint - The carbon footprint module helps customers measure monthly emissions and minimize transactions contributing to global greenhouse gas emissions, benefiting the environment and society. The solution is pre-integrated with Xebia’s Carbon Footprint calculator to know an organization’s carbon emissions.

Carbon footprint