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Procurement 360 on Appian

Integration, intelligence, and insights from source to pay

Xebia’s Procurement 360 is a Solution Success Award Winner

Built on Appian, Procurement 360 revolutionizes the procurement landscape by integrating and streamlining processes. With this solution, your organization will witness a remarkable transformation in the way purchasing requests, quotes, orders, and invoices are handled. By seamlessly integrating data points from multiple processes and existing systems, Procurement 360 provides a unified view that eliminates barriers, ensuring accelerated processes and effortless adoption.

Procurement 360 is not just feature-rich, but also agile and scalable, making it the ideal solution to tackle any business challenges in procurement functions. By leveraging Appian's low-code capabilities, organizations can customize and configure the solution according to their specific requirements, enabling faster implementation and adaptability to the changing business needs.

It is a comprehensive procurement solution that provides end-to-end transparency and control to organizations of all sizes and industries. It enhances efficiency, reduces costs, strengthens supplier relationships, enables data-driven decision-making, ensures compliance, and supports scalability.

Key Functionalities

Manage Suppliers

  • Onboard suppliers with their key information and documents with the dynamic onboarding process.
  • Keep track of your suppliers, risk assessment, performance evaluation, contracts, purchase orders and invoices.
  • Manage supplier contracts with the capability to digitally sign contracts right from procurement solution through integration with DocuSign. 

Dedicated Supplier Portal

  • Provides functionality for suppliers to complete key tasks, upload invoices, check payment status, submit RFP responses and more.

Purchase Requests & Purchase Orders

  • Capability to initiate procurement requests with dynamic approvals based on user role and department.
  • Generate Purchase Orders right from the system with all key payment terms and milestones.
  • Track and ensure relevant controls for each PO with regard to budgets for the respective department/project/chart of account etc.

Request for Proposals

  • Initiate RFP, invite suppliers and capture responses.
  • Compare supplier responses on cost, quality, capacity and financial stability to make the right decision and get the best quality service/product while minimizing costs.

Invoice Processing

  • Utilize the power of Appian’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to accurately extract data from the documents. IDP is used to extract relevant data from invoices received via email and automatically push them to the relevant processing queue.

Tailor it to Work the way You Want

  • Easily set up organization hierarchy (roles, levels, departments, etc.).
  • Configurable chart of accounts (or categories) and cost centers (or department/project).
  • Easily configure workflows for purchase requests, supplier onboarding, PO, payments, etc.
  • Configure supplier onboarding process including configurable risk assessment questionnaire.
  • Configure organization budget by cost centers and chart of accounts.
  • Configure delivery sites, products and services, currencies, etc.

Why Choose Procurement 360?

Procurement 360 on Appian delivers tangible ROI and business benefits in the following ways:

  • Applies the right controls on business spending, enabling the needed governance and compliance.
  • Helps monitor budget spending by establishing exception processes for budget control.
  • Enables transparency, reduces bureaucracy, and drives financial and operational efficiency.
  • Provides a dedicated supplier portal streamlining communication resulting in better business relations.
  • Increases the accuracy of decisions with the right analytics and power of unified data.

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