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Smart Facility Management on Appian

Improve operational efficiency and rigor with Smart Facility Management

Xebia's Smart Facility Management is a AppMarket Award Winner

Optimize facility management with Xebia's Smart Facility Management - an all-in-one solution designed to deliver end-to-end efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with any Appian application, it offers transformative maintenance scheduling, asset visibility, intelligent scheduling, and more. Experience a new level of efficiency, stay in control of your facility, streamline work orders, and proactively address maintenance needs for enhanced productivity and cost savings with the solution. 

Why Choose Smart Facility Management?

The accelerator is built with standard facility management practices and is easy to integrate with any Appian application. The application facilitates informed decisions by facility managers, service providers, and other relevant stakeholders through in-built contextual system intelligence in the following ways.

Track KPIs with Holistic View

Take control of your floors, assets, and facility with complete visibility on each work order performed as part of the maintenance plans. Keep an eye on the performance indicators and a lot more through a holistic maintenance view.

Auto-Create Work Orders

Auto-create your work orders across multiple assets and floors with advanced configurations to look ahead of time and bundle the maintenance task by buildings, site, and other categories.

Manage Asset Lifecycle

Stay on top of your asset life cycle through the asset records - to see if any of these need any repair, maintenance, or replacement. View detailed audits and work orders, asset maintenance over time, track the amount spent so far, and compare spent v/s allocated budget.


Mark and Tag Assets

Facility managers, operations team, and field technicians can mark the known assets on floor plans, and tag them against a room, common area, parking space, or any other location in an easy-to-use way, enabling documentation and faster access to the assets.

Customize Key Parameters

Configure different parameters on which you would like to schedule work orders, such as customer-preferred technician, closest proximity to the customer site, technician skills, self-optimization capabilities for every technician, and more.

Get a Dedicated Mobile App

Integrate with the Field Service application, built 100% on Appian, to get a dedicated mobile app designed specifically for technicians.

Alert Notifications for Assets

Prompt alert notifications via IoT device or any alerting system for your critical performing assets that need immediate attention before it gets too late.

Manage Outsourced Sites

Manage internal or external sites effortlessly through outsourced partner sites capabilities.

Pain Points Solved by Smart Facility Management

  • Lack of a centralized dashboard for facility managers that can provide critical actionable insights, e.g., on assets requiring an immediate attention, putting scheduled repairs and work orders at high risk.
  • Break-fix approach with a lack of proper tools and technology causes inefficiencies and leads to reactive, suboptimal business models.
  • With use cases of moving assets around buildings or sites, there is limited visibility of how an asset lifecycle has been over time. This can result in false assumptions on asset health checks, ultimately impacting business, especially with critical assets.
  • Siloed scheduling is a key challenge for facility managers and the scheduling team, as each work order schedule requires specialized and trained skill sets. Additionally, managers lack visibility of availability, location, and past feedback of the technicians, preventing them from building an efficient team.
  • Limited mobile capabilities can prevent technicians from adequately responding to emergencies or job status changes. It also limits their ability to effectively communicate with the back-operations team and facility managers and access asset manuals and other knowledge sitting in the organization’s central repository.

See It In Action

SFM - Agents Calendar View (version 1)

SFM - Dashboard Filtered By a Site (version 1) (1)

SFM - IoT Alerts Dashboard (version 1)