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SustainX — Carbon Emission Accounting and Sustainability Solution

Your single source of truth for meeting ESG regulatory compliances, good governance, automatic calculation of Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions, forecasts, and SDG monitoring

SustainX - Your Single Source of Truth

SustainX provides a 360-degree ESG solution to your sustainability and business requirements. All the frameworks within the solution are powered by AI based tools and technologies that can help any organization in integrating the solution into their existing enterprise technology stack and scale up with ease. The AI tools and technologies are built in-house and lead to a significant reduction in costs and Go-Live milestones.

Salesforce NetZero is an awarded industry-leading solution that enables automatic computation of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. It enables organizations to define and implement their net zero strategy in a practical, science-based fashion. The solution provisions for use-case based emission visibility and allows an organization to achieve high-fidelity emissions forecasts that can help achieve the desired emission reduction targets.

The SustainX custom frameworks accelerate your journey not just towards net zero emissions but also your other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our region specific out-of-the-box reporting customizations help you in mitigating regulatory risks by giving you ready-to-download real-time reports as well as share meaningful actionable intelligence with all the relevant stakeholders and clients.

The penultimate goal of good governance can thus be reached by all organizations.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce NetZero Cloud, Salesforce Platform, Salesforce Communities
  • Python and AWS (for AI service)
  • Salesforce Tableau CRM for reporting

Installation Process

  • The ESG implementation team installs additional sustainability frameworks as components
  • The reporting framework is customized as per the preferences of the customer
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Go-Live

Operational Metrics

  • Increase reporting efficiency
  • Reduce energy and utility expenses
  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Reduce the cost of capital
  • Reduce waste disposal

Strategic Metrics

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Reduce regulatory risk
  • Improve stakeholder impact

SustainX via Salesforce NetZero

  • Quickest to deploy
  • Exponential reduction in Go-Live costs and time
  • Custom accelerators
  • Simplified data management
  • Excellent user experience

Why Choose SustainX for ESG?

SustainX helps you get a unified view of ESG data and SDG framework, and monitor SDG targets with CRM-backed reporting. Here’s how it adds value to the critical functions:

  • Data Management 

    1. Structured data models for logging sustainability data

    2. Integrations to import all data with in-house AI-based tools and automation

    3. Simplified data management with no third-party dependencies

  • Emissions Tracking

    1. Track scope 1, 2, 3 emissions on a single platform

    2. Calculate carbon footprint with proprietary formulas

    3. Convert energy consumption data to emissions data

    4. Compute emission factors with datasets from accredited bodies

  • Accurate Analytics

    1. Forecast carbon footprint with what-if analyses using SF Einstein

    2. Make sustainable decisions with built-in dashboards

    3. Run simulations to identify the most efficient path to net zero

    4. Identify fastest and cost-effective options with multi-scenario simulations

  • Sustainability Workflows

    1. Automated supplier tracking for sustainable supply-chain

    2. Accelerate internal and external audits

    3. Evangelize sustainability using integrated collaborative tools 

  • Supplier Management

    1. Scope 3 specific supplier hub that takes into account supply and value chains: upstream, midstream and downstream

    2. Communities, portals, data forms and templates that can assist in building trusted relationships with suppliers

  • Reliable Reporting

    1. Climate action and sustainability audit dashboards

    2. Visualization and reporting features powered by CRM Analytics

    3. Measure your impact and align team goals

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