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Instantly generate REST & GraphQL APIs for multi-data sources with Xebia Xccess

Achieve Instant API-fication of any Database

Xccess is a database API-fication tool that helps create secure, scalable, and production-ready GraphQL & RESTful APIs for all popular databases instantly.

It aims in improving data accessibility in a microservices architecture by eliminating the need to write custom code to build CRUD APIs, saving months’ worth of development effort. A seamless developer experience is provided by enabling auto-documentation of all the APIs generated using OpenAPI 3.0.

Xccess aims to be completely interoperable with the existing tech stack by integrations with all popular SQL and NoSQL databases including PostgresQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLServer, Oracle, and MongoDB. It also works with NewSQL league of databases including YugabyteDB, CockroachDB, and PlanetScale. Xccess can be configured to run on VMs, Containers, and even Kubernetes to deliver APIs faster.

Technologies Used

Xccess leverages Golang, GraphQL, OpenAPI for API generation and Redis for session management and caching.

Installation Process

Xccess can be deployed on VMs & Containers as a long-lived process. It natively integrates with Kubernetes to facilitate config and secret management using established K8s tooling like Helm.


Xccess provides native integration for the following systems:

  • SQL Databases: Oracle, SQLServer, PostgresQL, MySQL and MariaDB
  • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB
  • RESTful + JSON APIs

Why Choose Xccess?

  • Instantly create CRUD APIs for any database
    Eliminate technical debt and save months’ worth of development effort by instantly creating CRUD APIs for popular database solutions.
  • Baked-in support for cross-data source joins
    Improve data accessibility for microservices by performing on-the-fly joins across databases and REST APIs using our flexible GraphQL API.
  • Deliver performance at scale
    Xccess provides built-in Optimizations to solve complex challenges such as the N+1 problem, response caching, and query batching. It also allows you to write custom SQL queries whenever needed.
  • First-class support for security and governance
    Instantly secure APIs using JWT-based authentication and OPA-based authorization. One can mask/hash response fields or even hide them completely based on caller identity.

See it in Action

 Xccess’ modular, plug & play design allows it to be deployed to a wide variety of enterprise applications.

Setting up secure and scalable CRUD APIs for data is a tedious and time-consuming process. It usually takes a team of 2-3 developers, and 3 months to write the boilerplate code along with the authentication and authorization logic to create the necessary CRUD APIs in a typical enterprise application. Xccess can achieve the same instantly at the click of a button.