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Xebia Solutions


An award-winning solution that automates and accelerates Enterprise Grade Kubernetes Platform setup while aligning with industry best practices

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with XLR8s

XLR8s is a Kubernetes infrastructure provisioning solution that helps you set up an operational, production-ready Kubernetes platform in a matter of days instead of months.

It aims to simplify the implementation of IaC at scale by adopting a collaborative infrastructure management approach. XLR8s provide enterprise-grade features like RBAC, Maker Checker System with Gated Approvals and Audit Trailing. In addition, XLR8s offers policy-enforced pipelines for deploying infrastructure with baked-in support for centralized observability.

Technologies Used

XLR8s utilize Terraform, Kubernetes and several CNCF recommended Kubernetes companions like Istio, ArgoCD, OPA, Helm, Prometheus, Grafana, and the EFK stack

Installation Process

The platform is deployed using pre-configured modules based on  Infrastructure-as-Code, allowing users to run and maintain the platform independently


XLR8s runs on all cloud providers and can provision infrastructure natively on:

  • AWS
  •  Azure
  • GCP

Why Choose XLR8s?

  • Shorten Time-to-Market
    Reduce the time to set up your entire Kubernetes platform from months to days while cutting dependency on skilled DevOps resources by half.

  • Operate at Enterprise Scale
    Built-in mechanism to maintain and reproduce best practices across all environments in your organization in a consistent and repeatable fashion.
  • First-class Support for Governance
    Over 20+ security and performance controls to govern the configuration of your containerized workloads.
  • Baked-in Industry Best Practices
    Over 50+ Terraform modules across all three cloud providers to set up compute, networking, security and data infrastructure with baked-in operation best practices, compliance and cost optimizations.

See it in Action

XLR8s’ loosely coupled and extensible plug & play architecture allows it to be deployed to a wide variety of customer environments. Here’s a quick glimpse of XLR8s.

Setting up a fully operational Kubernetes platform with baked-in observability, governance and security best practices is a challenging process. It usually takes a team of a DevOps Architect and three or four DevOps Engineers, and three months to create the necessary Terraform scripts and Helm charts. XLR8s can achieve the same results within two to three days by employing a single DevOps Engineer. Moreover, spinning up additional Kubernetes environments can be done as easily as clicking a single button.